the world's only
carbon-free LI-ION battery cathode material

the best of both worlds

All the benefits of Lithium-Ion while maintaining the safety of lead-acid.

Multiple Applications

Our electrodes are manufactured in combination with a unique family of electroconductive nanopolymers that self-assembles within the Carbon-based electrodes to provide a major scientific breakthrough for increasing an electrode’s storage capacity. Solid State Batteries stand to gain measurable benefits from Powermers’ carbon-free technology.

Low Cost

Powermers’ high-performance electrode technology platform is a low-cost, drop-in solution for energy storage device manufacturers making the inclusion into an existing product an easily accomplished task.


Powermers technology has been published in respected, peer-reviewed journals and validated by the US Military and universities across the globe. Not only that – it has been manufactured to pouch cell scale – one of the toughest milestones to reach for battery manufacturing.

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More Energy Density
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More Power Density

Safety is our #1 priority

Today’s lithium-ion technologies are dangerous.  By replacing a significant amount of flammable and combustible material in conventional or solid state lithium ion battery solutions, Powermers enables the world’s next truly safe energy storage solution.




Powermers polymer-coated electrodes help increase energy density in Li-ion batteries by as much as 15% with some electrode combinations. The technology also enables the use of lighter materials to be used to replace Copper conductors and increase the energy densities of advanced Carbon-based anodes that use non-graphite such as graphene.

Non-flammable Li-ion batteries are needed due to numerous safety concerns such as using these devices in passenger commercial planes. Powermers’ electrodes are compatible with solid-state Lithium-ion batteries. Our electrodes keep these battery’s energy densities on par with their liquid counterparts and assist with maintaining high power as well as these features of power and energy are often lost with safer solid-state batteries.

Metal Air

Rechargeable Metal-air batteries such as Silicon, Zinc and Tin could be used in medical devices and new one-time use emergency management and military applications. Powermers’ unique polymer serves as a metal-air battery catalyst to control the reactions between the metal anode and the Oxygen coming through the cathode. Powermers has a proven fully-reversible Lithium-air cathode and developing other Metal-air batteries to show high reversibility.


Carbon-based SuperCapacitors and Li-ion Capacitors are used to increase fuel efficiency and protect electronics from power surges. Powermers has shown that use of the nanopolymer increases the energy density of flat carbon used for SuperCapacitors by nearly 300% while working at 2.7V, i.e. no need to increase voltage to increase energy density. This development means that SuperCapacitors using Powermers’ technology can increase energy density without losing life cycles. Powermers is open to licensing the polymer technology to a SuperCapacitor manufacturer.

Powermers has also conducted early test-results using the nanopolymer electrodes with Li-ion Capacitors. Tests have shown an increase in energy capacity of nearly 40% for these new emerging products and there were no signs of degradation of life cycles.

About Us

Powermers is a Columbus, Ohio-based company with 5 U.S. patents and 46 International patents with no licensing obligations to any outside party.

The development team comprises of 9 electromechanical PhDs, 4 material science PhDs, and 5 battery design engineers whose experiences encompass fuel cell and battery design work at major Automotive OEMs and Universities across the world. For more information or to order samples, please contact us.

Sam Kogan


Sam Kogan - Founder

Dr. Kogan has more than 25 years of experience in innovation R&D having led polymer research programs at LCL Ltd. and Plastpolymer Corp. Dr. Kogan has a Ph.D. in material science from the Institute of Macromolecular Science, Leningrad, Russia and an M.S. cum laude in applied physics from Polytechnic University in Leningrad. He is the author of more than 50 articles and has been awarded several patents, which he co-authored for Powermers​

BJ Yurkovich


BJ Yurkovich - CEO

BJ Yurkovich is CEO of Powermers and serves as a Venture Partner at Broadline Capital, a global private equity group and cornerstone investor in Powermers. He concurrently serves as a member of the research staff at Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research where he conducts research in multiple areas. A seasoned entrepreneur, BJ has served in leadership positions in numerous companies through exits such as being Chief Technology Officer of Juice Technologies, which, through a joint venture with G.E., focused on the charging software for EV charging stations. Mr. Yurkovich has authored numerous articles in the area of energy storage systems.

Chris Thorne

Chairman of the Board

Chris Thorne - Chairman of the Board

Mr. Thorne is a past CEO of Powermers and today serves as Chairman. He is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Broadline Capital as well as the CEO and Founder of a category-leading SaaS company; exited to Roper Technologies (NYSE: ROP). He is a Senior Management Consultant for McKinsey & Company, a Trustee & Audit Committee Chairman for Creative Commons, and holds three degrees from Harvard University.